RandoMaster™ RNG


The random number generator RANDOMASTER™ RNG is among the best of its kind. It ensures that genuine randomness will always prevail. Every one of the produced numbers is completely random. Designed specifically to satisfy the needs of the authorities, it sails through every conceivable battery of testing.

The RANDOMASTER™ RNG is the gold standard in random number generation and was developed with the high standards of the gaming industry in mind. RANDOMASTERTM RNG is a state-of-the-art random number generator that ensures complete honesty and fair play in every game.

The benefits of using RANDOMASTER™ RNG are as follows:

  1. RANDOMASTER™ RNG‘s ability to create truly random numbers without repeatability or known trends sets it apart as the best random number generator available. Put an end to predetermined results and welcome in randomness.

2. RANDOMASTER™ RNG is built with cutting-edge hardware technology and has a sleek, secure design that meets the highest quality and safety requirements. It was designed specifically to prevent tampering and manipulation, so your games may continue to function as intended.

3. RANDOMASTER™ RNG can be easily integrated with preexisting gaming systems, making it a great option for both online gaming sites and brick-and-mortar casinos. RANDOMASTER™ RNG‘s intuitive design and platform independence make it a snap to include into your system.

4.  Complying with the rules and regulations set out by gaming and casino entertainment authorities is of the utmost importance. To guarantee your complete and unwavering adherence to regulatory frameworks, RANDOMASTER™ RNG has been designed to satisfy the exacting standards of industry regulators and has passed every diehard set of tests that have been developed and utilised as a standard for testing Random Number Generators.

5. Increased Faith in the Game by the Players: Randomness is the Foundation of Trust and Fair Play. Using RANDOMASTER™ RNG shows your dedication to honesty, giving your customers peace of mind that they are participating in a really random gaming environment.

6. Performance that scales to suit the needs of high-volume gaming companies is a hallmark of RANDOMASTER™ RNG. It can handle the most demanding gameplay scenarios without sacrificing quality or unpredictability thanks to its scalable performance and solid design.

The power of real randomness may now be unleashed in your online gaming and casino entertainment services with the help of RANDOMASTER™ RNG. Raise the stakes, earn your players’ confidence, and lead the way to ground-breaking new levels of justice in the business by doing all three.

Get in touch with us right now to find out how RANDOMASTER™ RNG can revolutionise your gaming. The world of online gaming and casino entertainment is rapidly evolving, so why not be ahead of the curve by embracing the future of randomness?

Unmatched Randomness

Every outcome is entirely unpredictable

Regulatory Compliance

with the requirements of industry regulators

Scalable Performance

on high-volume gaming operations


  • Unmatched Randomness achieved by mixing input data from different sources of entropy;
  • Advanced Hardware and software, built on the “Black Box” model;
  • Seamless Integration via web API;
  • Regulatory Compliance achieved by 100% passing of dieharder tests;
  • Scalable Performance even in the most intense gaming environments.

The RandoMaster™ Random Number Generator is certified under the certification terms of “Science and High Technology” foundation GETL Laboratory

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