IMPERIUM™ Multi Jackpot System


Slots, scratch-offs, sports betting, and casino games may all benefit from the IMPERIUM™ MULTI JACKPOT SYSTEM‘s support for progressive and mystery jackpots. It’s flexible enough to work with in-person, automated, and Internet wagering.

  1. The IMPERIUM™ MULTI JACKPOT SYSTEM makes it simple to add a variety of jackpots, such as progressive and mystery jackpots. Provide your gamers with several exhilarating ways to win large to keep them interested and coming back for more action.
  2. Seamless Integration: Our technology provides seamless integration, which is something we know is crucial to your success. Integration with your current gaming platform will go smoothly thanks to the strong collaboration between our experts and your development staff. You may improve your platform with our state-of-the-art technologies without worrying about interruptions or downtime.

3. Customization Options: We recognize the diversity of gaming platforms and provide a wide range of customization options to accommodate this. Make the IMPERIUM™ MULTI JACKPOT SYSTEM look and feel consistent with the rest of your brand’s materials for a more satisfying gaming experience for your customers. The system may be easily integrated and tailored to your needs with the help of our versatile APIs and tools.

4. Customization Options: The IMPERIUM™ MULTI JACKPOT SYSTEM is a robust and scalable platform that can accommodate any number of players. Our infrastructure can scale to meet the demands of any size player base or website traffic. Our reliable infrastructure guarantees top-notch performance, so your gamers can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

5. Scalable and Reliable: Integrating the IMPERIUM™ MULTI JACKPOT SYSTEM can have a dramatic effect on your income and player retention rates. The best way to bring in new customers and keep your current ones interested is to provide them enticing prizes and incentives. The excitement of trying to win the jackpot and the possibility of large payouts will generate interest in your service and bring in more money.

6. Insights Backed by Data: Our robust analytics and reporting capabilities can help you learn a great deal about player behaviour and preferences. Get a feel for how customers use the jackpot system, spot patterns, and fine-tune your advertising efforts for maximum success. Make smarter choices and propel your platform forward with the help of data.

Multiple Environments

Slots, Scratch-offs, Sports Betting, Casino Gaming

Various Channels

Retail, Self-Service and Online

Full coverage

of Mystery and Progressive Jackpots with multiple levels


  • Supports jackpots in multiple gaming areas – slots, scratch-offs, sports betting, and casino gaming
  • Integration of jackpots on multiple betting channels – retail, self-service and online betting
  • Mystery Jackpot is fully supported and customizable
  • Progressive Jackpot is fully supported and customizable
  • Multiple jackpot levels are fully supported and customizable
  • Seamless integration of new games, odds or bets
  • Cost reduction and staff optimization provided by simplified operations
  • User-friendly interface, designed by our specialists to facilitate the jackpot infrastructure tailoring process.

IMPERIUM™ Multi Jackpot System is certified under the certification terms of “Science and High Technology” foundation GETL Laboratory

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