MELIORA™ Gaming Platform


The MELIORA™ GAMING PLATFORM  is a cutting-edge system that can be easily customised and offers a broad variety of wagering opportunities. Meliora is built with cutting-edge tools to help your lottery, casino, and sports-betting operations flourish. The platform allows operators to connect with their valuable player base and open up new avenues for gaming. When it comes to price, time, quality, integrity, performance, and security, the MELIORA lottery and numerical games solution has no equal.

The MELIORA™ GAMING PLATFORM is an ecosystem that allows for the integration of various gaming modules and applications to improve both the company’s competitiveness and its long-term viability.

The platform is adaptable to the specifics of any lottery, sports, number draw games, or betting activity, and it implements the latest industry-approved methodologies and high standards for cost, schedule, quality, integrity, performance, and safety. The MELIORA™ GAMING PLATFORM  provides all the necessary resources for running a successful offline, internet, or mobile gaming operation.

Multiple channels

Pari-mutuel and fixed odds betting possibility

Seamless integration

Of new games, odds or bets

Full coverage

on both online and retail operations


  • Supports fixed-odds and pari-mutuel betting
  • Multiple betting channels – retail, self-service, online and mobile betting
  • Seamless integration of new games, odds or bets
  • Supports a wide variety of reports with a possibility of tailored custom report scheme
  • Bonusing module including a competitive range of bonuses and loyalty programs
  • Cost reduction and staff optimization provided by simplified operations
  • Supports the most widespread lottery games (6/49, 5/35, Keno, Rapido, Bingo, etc.)
  • Supports both online and offline instant lottery games (scratch-offs), casino slot games and sports betting
  • User-friendly interface, designed by our specialists to facilitate the betting process.
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