About The Pilot

Welcome to “The Pilot” – The High-Flying Betting Adventure!

In this fast-paced skill crash game, you’re in control of your fortune. Place your bets before the plane takes off, watching the multiplier soar with it. The higher it flies, the more you win—but cash out before it crashes, or you’ll lose it all! “The Pilot” combines adrenaline-pumping excitement with strategic decision-making. Time your moves perfectly to maximize your winnings. Do you have the nerve to wait for bigger gains, or will you play it safe? Take flight with “The Pilot” and test your luck today!

GAME TYPE: Multiplayer skill crash game

– Easy to play:
Make a bet.
Watch how the Plane fly and your winnings increase.
Cash out before the Plane fly away.
– Live Bets & Statistic:
Check all bets that are being made in the current round.
– Round History:
See the odds at which the previous rounds ended.

The game is created for:
• Live betting lovers
• Quick winnings fanciers
• Big winning with small bets hunters.

RTP: 97%
Max bet: 0.10
Max bet: 100
Max odd: x 5000
Max win: 500 000
Languages: EN

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“The Pilot”- A multiplayer skill crash game

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