About Pyramids

Travel to ancient Egypt with PYRAMIDS

PYRAMIDS is an instant game where you search for matching numbers.
You win if all of the numbers in a certain pyramid row match the winning numbers.
The game will take you on a journey to the Pyramids of ancient Egypt where you will find scarabs and rubies. Gather them and you will open the Bonus and Jackpot games which will bring you fantastic winnings!


Free Spins – find the correct numbers and you will receive free spins;
Bonus Game – find 3 rubies in a single game to open the exquisite phials and gather the magic liquid which will bring you big winnings;
Jackpot Game – if you find 4 scarabs in a single game, you will play a JACKPOT GAME with huge winnings and a chance to win the grand JACKPOT.

GAME TYPE: Instant game

The game is created for:
• Players in need of exciting experiences
• All players looking for big wins with small stakes
• Bonus game lovers
• Instant game lovers
• Jackpot hunters

RTP: 96.17%
Maximum bet: 100
Maximum win: the stake multiplied by 5000 and/or the jackpot
Volatility: 3/5 (medium)
Winning chance: 1:3.8
Languages: EN

This game is certified under the certification terms of “Science and High Technology” foundation GETL Laboratory

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“PYRAMIDS”- Instant number lottery with bonus and Jackpot games

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