Instant 6/49

About Instant 6/49

Try the exciting brand new 6/49 lottery game. Looking for a thrilling experience with a chance to turn your dreams into reality? Discover the excitement of the 6/49 Lottery, where every ticket is an opportunity to change your life! It’s simple: choose six numbers from 1 to 49 or let the Quick Pick option do the work for you. 7 numbers (6 basic + 1 BONUS number) from 1 to 49 are drawn in the game.

GAME TYPE: Number game with fixed odds (PARIMUTUEL version of the game is also an option)


  • Fixed odds lotto game.
  • Combinations
  • Simple combination systems.
  • PARIMUTUEL version of the game is an option.

The game is created for:

  • All players searching for big winnings with small bets;
  • Combination systems fanciers;
  • lotto games lovers;
  • Jackpot hunters;


RTP: 89%
Max bet: 0.20
Max bet: 20
Max win: 2 000 000 or the Jackpot (in PARIMUTUEL version of the game)
Winning Chance: 1:6.6

Languages: EN

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"6/49" - Parimutuel lottery game
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