About 5 / 11

“5 out of 11” is a very attractive game, offering a wide range of bets and providing a unique gaming experience to the player.

The game is extremely popular in Asia and other regions of the world!

In the game, numbers from 1 to 11 are included. The player selects the size of the bet and chooses from 1 up to 5 numbers to play with. Then 5 numbers are drawn from the total of 11 numbers.

GAME TYPE: Number game with fixed odds


  • GAME WITHOUT EXACT ORDER: Predict which numbers will be drawn, regardless of the drawing order
  • GAME WITH EXACT ORDER: Predict which will be the first 1,2,3,4 or 5 numbers and in what sequence they will be drawn
  • SPECIAL BETSYou can bet on the sum of the numbers drawn, as well as on the number of odd and even numbers to be drawn

The game is created for:

  • The people who love playing number games with a small set of numbers
  • All players searching for big winnings with small bets
  • Combination systems fanciers
  • Special bets fanciers
  • Jackpot hunters


RTP: 93%
Max bet: 100
Max win: The bet, multiplied by 50,000 and/or the Jackpot
Winning Chance: Up to 1:2,2
Languages: EN

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"5/11" - Lottery game with SPECIAL BETS
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